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MRL (Machine Room Less) Elevators are cost-efficient solution for architects, builders and building owners that uses less space and meets or exceeds today’s safety standards.

MRL elevators are the most compact systems available. By using compact permanent magnet, gearless machines, the need for a separate machine room has been eliminated. This reduces construction costs and makes MRL systems much easier and faster to install. After all, less space for the elevator means more space for the building and don’t require altering the superstructure of building roofs.

Permanent magnet motors are much more efficient and use less energy than many other systems, they do not require the use of contaminating lubricants making for a much cleaner and more environmentally friendly system.

If the building is expected to achieve LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), it is very important to have systems that promote energy savings. In this way, energy-efficient elevators contribute to the overall energy savings of the building and therefore add to the prerequisite and credit requirements of LEED.


  • No machine room necessary
  • Up to 3500 Lbs capacity
  • 200 - 350 ft/min nominal car speed
  • Up to 250’ of car travel
  • Minimum pit 5’-0” required
  • Minimum overhead clearance of 14’- 6” required.


  • Gearless Permanent Magnet Machine (2:1 Roping)
  • Under slung sheave design, car sling.

    Safety Devices

  • Type “B” Gradual clamp car safety
  • Upper and lower terminal limit switches
  • Top final limit switch
  • Emergency car lighting in cab
  • Emergency push button alarm in cab
  • Automatic car re-leveling device
  • Emergency hands free telephone in cab
  • Approved electro mechanical hoistway door interlocks
  • Hydraulic oil buffers
  • UL and/or CSA certified electrical and hydraulic device
  • Manufactured in accordance with ASME

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