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Complete packages - LULA(Limited Use Limited Application)

Limited Use Limited Application (LULA) elevator bridges the gap between commercial full passenger and the vertical platform lift. With the look and feel of a commercial elevator LU/LA was designed to provide vertical transportation while optimizing space for the pit depth and overhead. LULA elevators is the affordable answer to overcome architectural barriers where permitted by state and local codes.


  • Up to 1400 Lbs capacity
  • 30 ft/min nominal car speed
  • Up to 3 stops with 25’ of travel
  • Minimum pit 14”required
  • Minimum overhead clearance of 10’-2” required.
  • Up to 18 sq/ft. interior cab size available.


  • 1:2 Roped Hydraulic
  • Heavy duty cantilevered design car sling with Roller guide shoes.
  • Automatic 2 or 3 speed doors
  • Arrival gongs in hall
  • Keyed hoistway access
  • Braille plates in car and hall
    Safety Devices:

  • Fire Service Phase I and II
  • ADA telephone
  • Type “A” instantaneous broken rope car safety
  • Upper and lower terminal limit switches
  • Top final limit switch
  • Slack cable switch
  • Emergency car lighting in cab
  • Emergency push button alarm in cab
  • Automatic car re-leveling device
  • Battery lowering device
  • Spring buffers
  • Approved electro mechanical hoistway door interlocks
  • UL and/or CSA certified electrical and hydraulic device
  • Manufactured in accordance with ASME A17.1 safety code

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